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The challenge
Turning profitable on the biggest marketplace, Amazon. Selling in this highly competitive environment can be a daunting task.
The solution
SELIN gives you unprecedented insights into your Sales. With our advanced but intuitive app, maximizing profit has never been easier.

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Inventory analysis

  • Product profitability
  • Referral Fee estimates
  • Stock monitoring

In the Inventory you will find details of your products. By uploading your Cost of Goods, SELIN is able estimate the profit from a product sale. This calculation uses marketplace Sales fees and VAT rate estimates to project the expected gross profit from one stock unit sold. Here you can also check the status of your items, whether the item is Active or Inactive, and create your own custom product groups which can be used to track sales throughout SELIN. KPIs at the top of the page keep you informed about the overall state of your inventory. By clicking on any SKU you can view its Product Detail page. Discover the real Profitablity of your products before making a single sale!

Sales analysis

  • Product based analysis
  • Brand, Category or Custom Product Groups
  • Includes COGs, Fees and Refunds

This section provides the Seller with invaluable insights about how products are selling. This view can be filtered by Date and Marketplace and displays all important KPIs that a Seller needs to track. This includes: Revenue, with or without Tax, Refund amount and item Refund rate, including associated Refund Administration Fees (RAF), Sales fees, Cost of Goods and final Profit from items sold. Products can be filtered by Brand, Product Category or Custom Product Groups. By clicking on any SKU you can view its Product Detail page.


Product returns tracking

  • Return rate
  • Reason of return
  • Return fees

Products can be filtered by Return rate, Refund amount or quantity of returned units. In the Product detail page you will learn about the most common Reason of return and check the exact amount of Return Administration Fees payed to the Marketplace. This feature is omnipresent throughout SELIN as many calculations such as Profit depend on it.

Product competitiveness

  • Competing offer details
  • Recommended price
  • Featured offer eligibility

Thanks to this feature the Seller is able to identify competing products for Amazon's Featured Offer (formerly known as Buy-box). Here the Seller is informed whether his product is eligible to get Featured or whether there is some issue stopping it from happening. He will learn what is the item and shipping price of the competing Featured Offer and also the suggested price at which the Seller should sell their item to get his product eligible and potentially Featured.


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Great for single sellers and small businesses.

99 € /month
  • 1 Seller identity
  • Up to 10.000 products
  • Daily data updates guaranteed
  • Access to our Knowledge Base
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Best option for middle size companies with thousands of products.

179 € /month
  • 3 Seller identities
  • Up to 40.000 products
  • Daily data updates guaranteed
  • Access our to Knowledge Base
  • Schedule videocalls with Support
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Ideal for large corporations with tens of thousands of orders monthly.

  • 10 Seller identities
  • Unlimited products
  • Real-time data updates
  • Access to our Knowledge Base
  • 24/7 Premium Support
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